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IBDP Year 2, SJI Singapore

Performers is a very good centre that exists solely for the nurturing of a student’s potential. With dedicated and very capable Tutors, Performers has helped me improve my understanding in both Maths and Physics. They have encouraged me to probe the subjects and delve deeper into them, so as to gain good knowledge and increase my interest in these two subjects significantly.

Hritupriya Das

GIIS Queenstown, 10th IGCSE

It’s been a year since I have joined performers and I have seen exceptional difference in my score.
Today I feel much more confident n in all the subjects and it is all because of the hard work the teachers put here for each and every student. The atmosphere over here makes studying easier and the teacher puts the concepts down in a very coherent way which is easier to grasp and simple to remember.


GIIS Queenstown, 10th IGCSE

Performer’s education center is a place where a person overcomes his fear of studies. According to me performers has helped me a lot in studies, boost my confidence and has made me a better person. I was not able to do well in math but after coming to performers my math’s has improved and also other subjects. Performers is a best place to gain knowledge. Performers is like a family to me. Teachers over here are good and they know very well about your strengths and weakness. They also give you one to one attention. Throughout these days I have seen a big change in myself. When I am here I get a positive vibe.

Saivya Sreen

GIIS Queenstown, 10th IGCSE

Performers have a very coherent way of teaching. I have shown tremendous improvement in my grades, that has impaired Self Confidence in me. Education is perpetual and in this never ending process Performers has played a huge part.


10th IGCSE

My learning experience in Performers Education Centre is memorable. The teachers are friendly and approachable. After studying in Performers for 2 years, my growth has immensely improved. With my board exams coming soon, I feel more confident with the help of Performers.


ISC 12th, DPS International School, Singapore

Performers Education Centre has really proved to be a right hand in my academics. The guidance and the support given by teachers really enabled me to achieve my potential. I am very grateful to the teachers!


IGCSE, OFS School Singapore

Performers have been a great education help. In the previous months of attending tuition, I have noticed a big increase in my Math grades and the skills needed to solve unfamiliar questions. I feel confident with writing the IGCSE Maths exam which is just around the corner.


IBDP Year 2, ISS Int'l School Singapore

Performers have been great educational tool, In the just 2 months that I have joined the tuition centre, I have noticed a prominent difference in my “Math” skills. I feel more familiar and confident with exam style questions. With structured course and friendly teaching I feel more prepared for my IB examination

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